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Long Island Gus

Gus is a Long Island native who weaves through the black market in an attempt to find a kidney for his ailing friend and raise a large sum of money by delivering drugs in pizza boxes and selling fake Long Island Railroad tickets.

Moving in 2008

A family tragedy during the recession of 2008, catalyzed by unemployment, personal crisis, and illness.

The Pretender

Mike Kunda's life was changed forever when he saw the movie 'ROCKY' at age 11. Almost 40 years later Mike and his family struggle to identify where Rocky Balboa ends and Mike begins.


A Midwestern girl new to New York accidentally stumbles into an acting school and becomes obsessed with an unhinged acting teacher believing he is the key to her landing on TV.

Love and Love Not

A cynical philanderer goes home for the holidays, only to be entangled by the woman who broke his heart years ago

It's Love, Bro

Jeri is recently engaged, Bob recently dumped. When Jeri starts working with Bob, they hit it off. As they struggle to understand their friendship, Jeri's MMA fighter fiancé suspects something.

Short Films Playing

The Chart

FBI? CIA? Mob takedown? What do these two need to figure out as the clock ticks...Maybe they're just looking at this all the wrong way.

War Cellar

Set in Rome during the end of World War II: An American soldier and an Italian woman must find a way to trust one another in order to survive.

Favorite Shirt

A young man is convinced his well liked and favorite shirt will be the catalyst to winning over a girl.


Young Pete Delano witnesses his classmate getting hit by a car and resuscitated by the local police and firemen, he then turns to his mother and says when he grows up, he wants to be one of "them". We witness Pete going through the police academy and he rises through the ranks quickly to detective. He receives a caveat from a retired cop that he should watch his back and realize his fellow officers aren't as straight and narrow as he is. During a drug bust, Pete is faced with the ultimate choice - come to the dark side or become a statistic.

The Best Gift in Life is Life Itself

A man burdened with trauma from his youth is forced to confront his overwhelming depression with help from a mysterious visitor

The Out

Two friends discuss what should happen next after one of them has an unforgettable night out with a woman.

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